8Wd Gesture Sensing Rc Car Toys

Color: Black


Cool RC Remote Control Stunt Car. Rc car spits out smoke (water vapor) out the back that it also lights up so it makes it look really cool. The wheels do a whole lot of contorting into all sorts of combinations. The rc stunt car can make realistic roar engines, speed up, braking sound and dazzling lights when it gallops.
Unique 8-wheeled Drift Car. In addition to the functions of forward, backward, left turn and right turn, the remote control car can also play stunts such as 360° rotation, circle, drift, crawl, and double-sided driving. Each pair of tyre arms can be operated individually, which can be rotated at different angles to elude the obstacle. Stunt drift remote control car for boys and girls aged 8-12.
2 Control Ways Stunt Car. Comes with a remote control and hand remote sensor. The 2.4 GHz remote control is also very easy to use and provides a good range for controlling the car. It's perfect for young kids who are just learning how to use remote control cars. The hand gesture controls can be challenging and are suitable for children over ten years old. When you become proficient at it, you will have endless fun.
Extremely Long Playtime. It came with two 3.7V 500mAh rechargeable batteries for the RC car. Can be played for about 30 minutes with each battery. So taking a power bank with you to charge one battery while using the other one in the car provides quite a bit of continuous-play-time.
The Coolest Gift. I would highly recommend this RC Stunt Car to any parents who are looking for a fun and engaging toy for their kids. It's durable, easy to use, and provides hours of entertainment for kids of all ages. It offers kids or adults an extraordinary sense of adventure.

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