Airtight Food Storage Containers with Lids, 7 Pcs

Number of Items: 7


Brand: Hoenart
Color: 7Pcs
Material: Plastic
Product Dimensions: 12"L x 6"W x 7.7"H
Number of Sets: 14

【Food storage containers that can be stored】 - including 7 kitchen storage containers that do not contain bisphenol A, equipped with black pens and 10 labels, can achieve excellent kitchen organization, keeping the kitchen organized and effectively utilizing every inch of space. These food containers will add decoration to your pantry, and the lids can be interchanged for easier use
【4 sizes to meet your needs】 - it includes 1 high container (11.83 cups/2.8 liters), 2 large containers (8.45 cups/2.0 liters), 2 medium containers (5.92 cups/1.4 liters), and 2 small containers (3.38 cups/0.8 liters). Very suitable for storing pasta, potato chips, baking supplies, grains, flour, sugar, oats, pasta, rice, coffee, tea, snacks, nuts, and other dry goods
【Keep food fresh for a long time】 - These transparent four sided dry food storage containers come with side lock covers with silicone washers to make them airtight and easily open at the top. A closed storage system will always keep food dry and fresh. All lids are universal and the container is easy to wash dry, making it reusable using food grade materials,great for storing leftovers in the refrigerator, stackable and spacesaver
【Save space and improve aesthetics】 - Transparent containers make it easy to see what's inside, making it easy to get what you want without opening each container. Put it in the refrigerator and cabinet. These plastic containers with lids will completely transform your cabinets, cabinets, refrigerators, and kitchen counters
【Equipped with labels and black pens】 - in addition to 7 dry grain storage containers, you will also receive 10 labels. They are easy to clean and re label. They are reusable and you can switch content at any time. Simply wipe it clean with a damp cloth to change the content you have written, peel it off, and re paste it

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