Nictemaw Portable Twin Tub Compact Laundry Machine with Built-in Drain Pump




👖Twin Tubs Design -- Portable washing machine features 2 separate tubs for washing and spin drying, allowing you to move clothes between the two or run both simultaneously. This design saves you valuable time and energy, making laundry a breeze
👖Superior Quality Motor -- Portable washer machine is equipped with a powerful motor that provides excellent cleaning power, allowing you to wash your clothes quickly and efficiently without damaging them. The efficient spin dryer can remove 97% of the water quickly, leaving your clothes almost dry after washing. With 240W washing power and 140W spin power, this machine ensures continuous output for a thorough and effective clean every time
👖Large Capacity -- Small washing machine boasts a total capacity of 17.6lbs, with a rated washing capacity of 11lbs and a rated spinner dryer capacity of 6.6lbs, can handle all your laundry needs in one go, saving your time and worry
👖Semi-Automatic Design -- This washer and dryer combo is designed with flexible time control that brings you a lot of convenience and options in laundry. You can set the washer timer to 15 minutes and the spin timer to 5 minutes per load, allowing you to customize the washing time according to the type of clothes you're washing. Effectively saving energy, safe and durable, and you don't have to worry about high electricity bills

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