Super Fruits and Veggies Supplement (180 Count)




  • POWER-PACKED NUTRION: will fill your nutrient gaps When life gets hectic. Our Super fruit and vegetable supplements, convenient way to ensure you receive the Natural nutritional benefits of these fruits & and veggies without having to consume them in large quantities. For anyone seeking a healthier and happier lifestyle, Feel amazing with just 6 easy-to-take capsules a day.
  • HAPPY GUT, HAPPY YOU: Fruits and veggies supplements Promotes Detox; Aids Digestion; Our fiber-rich Fruits/vegetables blend, Promotes Antioxidant and comfort. Start regular bowel movements and feel amazing everyday. By reducing oxidative stress, you are supporting your overall health.
  • BOOST YOUR BODY'S DEFENSES: Supports immunity; help your body stay strong and resilient, and fight off harmful free radicals, Our formulated concentrated blend of 39 Highly superfoods, Contains a wide range of essential vitamins, minerals; packed with vitamin C, vitamin E and vitamin A, and much more. Discovering the magic of our trusted supplement, will give your immune system the extra support it craves!
  • 100% ORGANIC PURE AND NATURAL: Gluten-free, Non-GMO, Plant-based, and vegan. Proudly made in the USA contains only pure farm fruits and vegetables with no added sugars, fillers, preservatives, pesticides, or synthetics. Natural superfoods Made from non-genetically modified, freshly farmed plants grown on organic farms, providing enhanced health benefits with Natural energy
  • 30 DAY SATISFACTION GUARTEED: Satisfaction Guaranteed: Start your fruits and vegetables capsules journey to optimal health today and experience the natural goodness of our whole fruits and vegetables supplements. support your gut health and overall vitality. Trusted Quality: fruit vitamins and veggie vitamins Proudly made in the USA with responsibly sourced ingredients, ensuring the best for your health for a embrace a healthier, happier you!

Details: Essential Blend of 23 whole fruits Super Fruits: #1 Maintenance Blend: Tomato, Papaya , Banana, Apple, Grape, Elderberry, Strawberry, Aloe Vera #2 Protection Blend: Orange, Tart Cherry, Cranberry, Wild Blueberry, Grape, Apple, Grapefruit, Aloe Vera #3 Healing Blend: Raspberry, Pineapple, Mango, Sweet Cherry, Lemon,Aloe Vera Balance formulas of Fruits are high in antioxidants to promote heart health, improve brain function, and boost the immune system. supporting digestive health and reducing inflammation. 6) Essential Blend of 16 whole veggies: #1 Maintenance Blend Broccoli (Whole Plant), Spinach Leaf, Green Cabbage (Head), Wheatgrass Leaf, Kale Leaf,Cauliflower (Whole Plant), Celery Stalk, White Onion Bulb, Zucchini Fruit #2 Protection Blend Garlic Clove, Red Cabbage Head, Red Onion Bulb, Carrot Root, Kale Leaf, Cayenne Pepper (Fruit & Seed), Shiitake Mushroom (Whole), Wheatgrass Leaf, Sweet Potato (Tuber) #3 Healing Blend Carrot Root, Kale Leaf, Green Onion Scape, Spinach Leaf, Cauliflower (Whole Leaf), Celery Stalk, Zucchini Fruit

EAN: 0860009428423

Package Dimensions: 4.5 x 4.4 x 2.2 inches

Part Number: RT-987l

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