Utopia Kitchen Cereal Containers Storage - 4 Pack Airtight Food Storage

Size: Pack of 2
Color:: Clear


Brand: Utopia Kitchen
Color: Clear
Material: Food safe plastic and silicon
Capacity: 4 Liters
Product Dimensions: 9.4"L x 4.3"W x 9.4"H

SET OF CEREAL CONTAINER – The set includes high-quality cereal containers sizing 9.4 x 4.4 x 9.4 inches with 4 liters/135.25 Oz capacity along with plain stickers and a white chalkboard marker for ease of labeling.
IDEAL FOR STORAGE - Each of the airtight food storage containers accommodates an airtight leakproof lid preventing any accidental spills and preserving freshness for a long. The cereal storage accessory also has a pouring spout on the lid for better convenience.
STURDY AND DURABLE - The premium quality plastic composition of the home edit containers gives them a sturdy and strong structure making them extremely efficient and ensuring long durability.
DYNAMIC USAGE - These containers are undoubtedly one of the must-have home accessories as they can handily store cereal, flour, sugar, coffee, rice, grain, beans, nuts, snacks, pet food, baking supplies & more.
CARE INSTRUCTIONS - These Slim home organization and storage boxes are refrigerator and dishwasher-safe. It is recommended to use a soft cloth for washing or cleaning the surface to avoid scratching.

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