Giantex Portable Washing Machine




Our twin-tub washing machine is the perfect solution for laundry needs in apartments, dorms, or even RVs. One tub is designed for washing with a 12 lbs capacity, while the other is for spin drying with an 8 lbs capacity, offering great convenience. Operating at 120v power and 1350RPM, this compact washer and dryer combo is efficient and versatile.
Effort-saving features make this portable washing machine easy to use. You can set different times for washing and spinning, making laundry a breeze.
Note that the washer drains water easily, primarily through Gravity Drainage.
Key Features:
Twin tub design allows washing and spinning to work simultaneously with separate timers
User-friendly operation with top knob control and detailed manual instructions
Gravity drainage tube facilitates easy water drainage
Perfectly suited for dorms, apartments, motor homes, RVs, camping, and more, this washer offers convenience on the go.
The top load cover lets you monitor water levels, as water filling cannot stop on its own.
Material: ABS+ PP
Dimensions: 25"L×14" D×29" H
Voltage: 120V/60Hz
Net Weight: 28 Lbs
Wash Capacity: 12Lbs
Spin Capacity: 8Lbs
Washing Power:300W
Spinner Power: 110W
Inlet Pipe Length: 44.5"
Drain Pipe Length: 20.5"
Package Includes: 1× washing machine

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