Dash Easy Fondue Maker


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Whether you’re throwing a party or having a romantic night in, the Dash Easy Fondue Maker helps bring everyone together. The 3-quart capacity is generous enough for entertaining, and a tri-ply stainless steel pot with an adjustable temperature control keeps cheese, chocolate and other ingredients perfectly melted. 
A convenient fork rack is included, along with 8 color-coded forks to help you and your guests keep track of forks. The nonstick interior is durable and cleans easily with minimal fuss, and the included recipe guide will get you started making sweet and savory fondue. Wow your family and friends by throwing a fondue party at holiday time. 
Make declicious cheese fondue, then offer a variety of foods for dipping: bread, vegetables, meats and more. Chocolate fondue is perfect for a special dessert at parties, or a romantic gesture on Valentine's Day or any day. Indulge your sweet tooth by with dipping fruit, cookies, marshmallows and other treats. Whether you want to try savory fondue, sweet fondue or both, the Dash Easy Fondue Maker makes it easy. 

3 qt. capacity
Fondue forks and fork rack included
Try-ply stainless steel pot
PFOA-free, non-stick cooking surface
31.5" cord

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