Ultraviolet Toothbrush Holder and Automatic Toothpaste Dispenser



  • 4-in-1 Toothbrush Cleaner, Razor Holder, Intelligent Ultraviolet Automatic Toothpaste Dispenser with 2 Cup
  • 【VERSATILE 4-in-1 DESIGN】ABS material, BPA free, no toxic plastic odor. A set of products contains 1 automatic toothpaste dispenser, 2 dust-free sterilized cup slots, 4 dust-free sterilized toothbrush slots and 1 razor slot.
  • 【360-DEGREE CLEAN】 360-degree without blind angle, 200 seconds a day can ensure to clean your toothbrush and cup at the same time. EPA Establishment Number:97851-CHN-1.
  • 【NON-NAIL DESIGN】Easy installation with 3M stickers and suitable for variety of walls. High bearing weight is up to 11lb.
  • 【WHATS IN THE BOX】1 CANMA Intelligent toothbrush holder, 2 mouthwash cups, 1 USB charging line and instruction.
  • 【AUTOMATIC/MANUAL MODE & LIGHT ENERGY CHARGE】AUTO: 50 seconds each time per six hours. Manual: restart the switch for 50 seconds clean. Dual-mode can prevent over cleaning and achieve the effect of energy saving. Recharged by any light (indoor light and nature light) and one charge can work for over three months.
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    CANMA Disinfection Lamp Beads

    1. Low Light decay, Environmental protection, Energy saving. Sterilize 200 seconds a day can ensure the disinfection effect and achieve the effect of energy saving. One charge can work for over three months.

    2. Shock proof, High reliability, Long service life.

    3. Built-in UVA+UVC double wavelength chip. CANMA Disinfection lamp bead have UVC + UVA double sterilization effect, which can obtain better performance than the common LED blue light.



    1. Turn on the switch for the first time, Ultraviolet light (blue light) and indicator light (white light) will turn on for 5 seconds at the same time, and then all turn out.

    2. When people approach, the indicator light is on. When people walk away for 10 seconds, the ultraviolet light will be on for 50 seconds. The Ultraviolet light works every six hours for disinfection.


    1. Before installing the toothpaste, squeeze the toothpaste at the end of the toothpaste forward to the proper position.

    2. Before installing the CANMA toothbrush holder, clean the metope in advance, you can use a hair dryer to dry and heat the wall. DO NOT install the toothbrush holder on the rough or wet wall or on a wet mirror.

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