Massage Gun Deep Tissue Massager

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    massagers for neck and back,personal massager,back massager with heat,neck massager for pain relief

    Best deep percussion massage gun for athletes pain relief muscle relaxation at home, gym, car, office, or in your journey.

    If you are looking for electric handheld muscle massage gun then look no further, the Auncley Electric Vibration Muscle Massage gun brings a high power and low noise self recovery experience, the compact size makes ideal for you !

    For fitness enthusiasts and new users:


    • Select low frequency speed (1-3). You can use the massager gun to warm up or relax your muscles after exercise and promote blood circulation. It can replace stretching exercises in daily exercise.Auncley muscle massage gun is the best percussion massage gun for athletes.


    For professional athletes:


    • Select high frequency speed (4-5). The vibration is 16 mm and the speed is 3300 RPM. It can effectively help relieve muscle pain, speed up muscle repair, and promote blood circulation. Activate, soothe or relax muscles.


    Why Auncley Massage Gun?


    • 5 Speed Settings: Select different speeds between 1-5gears according to the muscle group.
    • 6 Massage Heads: Provides 6 ergonomic massage heads, which can relieve soreness of legs, back, neck and shoulders.
    • 5V brush-less Ultra-quiet motor quieter than other popular percussion .
    • Unique works knots and tension out of the muscles while improving blood flow and quickly enhancing range of motion.
    • Long Battery Life: Build-in rechargeable lithium ion battery support 6-10 hours continuous working time. per single charge
    • Low Noise and LCD Display: Using high-definition LCD touch screen, the noise is less than 45 decibels.
    • Toss your compact and super lightweight best massage gun deep tissue into your gym bag for quick percussion massage to eliminate stiffness, soreness, or muscle spasms on the go!


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