PIEZANO 12-inch Electric Stone Baked Pizza Oven


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Experience the taste of pizzeria-style pies right from home with the PIEZANO 12-inch Electric Stone Baked Pizza Oven! This is the perfect pizza oven for family gatherings and parties. Bake your personalized pie on the stone surface and enjoy a cheesy, crispy crust pizza without turning on your regular oven.

The 12" ceramic baking stone lets you enjoy evenly baked pizza with a crispy crust. In less than 6 minutes, you'll be able to create delicious smoky flavor. You can only achive this with a pizza oven with a pizza stone at super high temperatures.

PIEZANO has dual temperature control heat zone that quickly heats the real ceramic stone up to 800° F. These extreme temperatures are needed for a perfect crispy crust. Its convenience eliminates the hassles of dealing with large ovens and the subsequent cleanup.

With PIEZANO, you can effortlessly create delicious pizzas and spend quality time with family and friends, sharing the joy of great food in the comfort of your home. Enjoy creating something tasty together. There's something for everyone, and the whole family can enjoy making desserts too.

This oven is space friendly and portable. You can bake at home or bring it on the go! Take the oven along for for tailgating and RV trips. It's also ideal for dorm rooms or patios. It is lightweight and easy to carry. With the PIEZANO 12-inch Electric Stone Baked Pizza Oven, you can enjoy great food and togetherness at your gatherings!

  • Electric pizza oven
  • 12" removable ceramic pizza stone
  • Dual temperature knobs for top and bottom heating control
  • Heats up to 800 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Includes 2 wooden pizza paddles
  • Dimensions 13.62"D x 13.77"W x 6.49"H

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